Sound Rise

In a package that’s the same size or smaller than the alarm clocks you’re used to (14x13x9 cm), we deliver to your nightstand a Bluetoothstreaming speaker, phone-charger, and alarm clock that has familiar, but improved functionality.

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Sound Rise Zwart


The alarm clock re-imagined

To accommodate different preferences, we equipped  the Sound Rise with six adjustable display settings, ranging from bright to dim to really, really dim, and then a blackout setting for those who don’t want any light coming from their Sound Rise. Just hit any button at any time, and the Sound Rise display comes to life. It’s easier than reaching for your phone, and won’t light up with texts and new software update messages in the middle of the night.

Sound Rise
Sound Rise

The Soundrise: love at first Listen

We packed our award-winning sound quality and tons of smart features into this compact alarm clock that will look right at home in your bedroom. Sound Rise is built with a USB power port, keeping your mobile devices charged while you sleep and displaying that comforting “100% battery” every morning when you wake up. Sound Rise also offers dual alarms with weekday/weekend settings and an adjustable display that ranges from extra bright to total blackout.

  • bluetooth


  • usb charging

    USB Charging

  • Dual Alarm

  • fm radio

    FM Radio

  • uq3


  • sound tone control

    Tone Control

Sound for every device

Apple-, Android-, Windows-friendly

  • Charging via USB Port
  • Stream Audio via Bluetooth


Play Music from MP3 Player via line-in


Sound Rise Back
Sound Rise

Soundfreaq Sound Rise

  • Bluetooth Wireless, FM Radio, Line-in
  • Dual Alarms with weekend and weekday option
  • Dimmable display brightness with "blackout" option to turn display off
  • USB Power port for phone charging
  • Backup-battery for wake-up Alarm
  • Fall asleep to music using Sleep Timer